3 tariff zones for all tickets

The GVH area is separated in three tariff zones: A, B and C.

Zone A covers the city area of Hanover. Zone B covers the surroundings with neighbouring cities and communities. Zone C indicates places in the outer area of the Hanover region.

Each tariff zone has its own colour which is always used in conjunction with the respective zone designation e. g. at stop areas, tables of prices and schedules (A = light green, B = petrol, C = light blue).

The three zones cover the entire GVH tariff area. The tickets (regardless of whether Single tickets, Day tickets or monthly season passes) are available for the single zones A, B or C but as well for combined zones (AB, BC or ABC). Prices can be found here.

The Regional tariff covers additionally to zones A, B and C the outer GVH tariff zones D, E and F. In this way you can travel with only one ticket from districts around the Hanover region into the tariff area of the GVH or the other way round.

In which zone is my stop?  

To see exactly which stops are covered by which zone, you can check our GVH Plan.